Niigata's Stadium

With its playing field 100m (328 ft.) by 122m (400 ft.), this stadium also provides seating for 30,000 fans! Located in the Niigata Sports Park, HARD OFF ECO STADIUM NIIGATA is Niigata's pro baseball stadium!

  • Lighting Equipment

    Lighting Equipment

    The lighting can be adjusted to low, medium or high, to suit all lighting needs.

  • Long-Lasting Artificial Turf, with Just the Right Feel

    Long-Lasting Artificial Turf, with Just the Right Feel

    The lastest in long-pile artificial turf, with the soft, natural feel of real grass.

  • Covered Practice Areas with the Space Players Need

    Covered Practice Areas with the Space Players Need

    The Stadium's two practice rooms each have 1000m2 (10764 sq.ft.) of space, enough for practicing all kinds of infield plays!

  • Infield Stands

    Infield Stands

    Wheelchair accessseating also available

    Built on two levels, the infield standsaccommodate up to 20,000 fans.

  • Outfield Stands and Outfield Rest Area

    Outfield Stands and Outfield Rest Area

    The outfield stands can accommodate 10,000 fans, and there's even a small area with natural grass behind them.

  • Scoreboard


    The energy-saving LED scoreboard also boasts a 430-inch, full-color video display.

    Sound System

    The sound system has been designed with the Stadium's acoustics in mind, for a full, satisfying sound in every seat!

Stadium Information

Location: 570 Banchi, Nagata, Chuo-ku, Niigata City / Made of: steel-framed reinforced concrete, reinforced concrete and steel framing / Levels: Infield: 4 levels + 1 basement level; Outfield: 3 levels / Total building area: 13,000m2 (140,000 sq.ft.) / Total floor space: 12,600m2 (136,000 sq.ft.) / Height: 38.37m (126 ft.) at highest point / Seating capacity: 30,000 / Seats: infield: (blow-molded plastic) 1st-level individual seats with backs (w/ or w/o armrests), 2nd-level individual seats w/o backs; outfield: (locally-grown wood) bleachers w/o backs / Playing field: 14,300m2 (154,000 sq.ft.) total, 100m (328 ft.) wide (at plate), 122m (400 ft.) long (plate to center), artificial turf, black composite soil pitcher's mound, en-tout-cas baseline / Outfield fence: 3.1m (10 ft.) high / Roofed practice areas: 2 rooms, 1000m2 (10764 sq.ft.) each, covered in artificial turf / Night games: 6 rooftop floodlights + 2 outfield towers = 2500 lux (mound/plate), 2000 lux (infield), and 1200 lux (outfield); Lo/Med/Hi lighting options available / LED Scoreboard / Large full-color LED video display: 430 inches (5.4m x 9.6m) / Rainwater usage: 560m3 (150,000-gallon) collection tank, 150m3 (40,000-gallon) distribution tank (water used in toilets and for facility maintenance)

Getting Here

  • Only 8 km from Niigata Airport
    About 25 minutes by car
  • Only 4 km from JR Niigata Station
    About 15 minutes by car,50 minutes on foot
  • Only 2.5 km from the Niigata Chuo or Niigata Kameda ICs
    About 5 minutes by car
  • JR Tokyo Station to JR Niigata Station
    Around 2 hours on the Joetsu Super Express Shinkansen train


Official Management by Albirex Niigata / Niigata Urban Flowering and Greenery Foundation Group

570 Banchi, Nagata, Chuo-ku, Niigata, Niigata, Japan 950-0932
TEL:+81-25-287-8900 FAX:+81-25-287-8918